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The Charleston Area Childrenís Garden Project teams up with Brown-Forman Corporation creating a project-based, experiential learning, edible garden at Angel Oak Elementary School. Read the press release on our Events Page.

Charleston County School District (CCSD) is supporting school-wide cafeteria composting.

After almost two years of research and planning, the Charleston Area Childrenís Garden Project is piloting school-based farmerís markets beginning in the Fall school year 2012 through the assistance of a grant from CDC and Eat Smart Move More. Check back for more info.

We are assisting two new gardens for the School Year 2012/13. Welcome! Memminger Elementary School of Global Studies and Mary Ford Elementary School.
Read about our collaboration with MUSCís Dietetic Internship Program.
We now have some great T-shirts available in our Fund Raiser.
We've published our first booklet: A Magical Children's Garden.
Children at the Gadsden Green Garden, Spring 2007


A vacant lot in an older neighborhood - a place of leftover pipes and stray hubcaps, of rusty tin cans...and a child's makeshift fort. Adult life has passed by the lot, but children explore it, watch it change with the seasons, with the people... they transform it in their imaginations. A children's garden is a long cycle of activity. Weekday afternoons, and Saturday mornings become a time of growing flowers, vegetables, and fruits, preparing the ground, weeding and feeding the plants...and watching the metamorphosis take place. The everyday tasks of a neighborhood garden contain links to every part of the world we live in and in the world of imagination.

For children, an afternoon at the garden is a time for using a ruler to ensure that seeds are planted the correct distance apart, and a later time for gathering around on the sidewalk to take a turn at making homemade strawberry ice cream, to try one's hand at origami, to listen and wonder about a Native American rain stick, or to taste string bean and tomato salad grown and picked from their own garden. The garden is a learning place in the neighborhood, where children know they have a right of ownership. They planted it, they nurtured it, they grew it.

Destiny and Sheryl

The garden is free to all. Whatever is grown, the children take home. Adults help, supervise, and teach. They live in the neighborhood and care about their children. It is a busy place, it is a safe place...this is how The Charleston Children's Garden Project started ten years ago.

Over the years, the Children's Garden Project has guided the Family Center of Crisis Ministries into changing a trashed-out lot into a peaceful Eden, assisted Title One schools in establishing and maintaining outdoor environmental classrooms, created foundations of environmental understanding for inner city Boys & Girls Clubs, and turned the centers of major housing projects into places of beauty and nutritious food. The children look forward to our guidance; they know we care about them. We are now in partnership with Carolina Youth Development Center, establishing the gardens as a hub for potential employment: culinary, graphic computer design, agriculture, horticulture, carpentry, and marketing. We sit on Mayor Joe Riley's Commission for Children, Youth, and Families, entrenched in understanding and acting upon the needs of our community. We have a vision of not only creating safe and beautiful places, but now more than ever of fighting childhood hunger, childhood obesity, and childhood diabetes through hands-on experiences and guided information about good food. Equal to this, we have taken on the task to share our knowledge and experience regarding human impact and it's potentially negative toll on our planet. By teaching common sense practices about care of the earth and bringing math and science into the outdoors where it had it's origin, we wish to expand our project to current issues and practical dimensions.

The Charleston Area Children's Garden Project is a 501(c) 3 non-profit community service organization affiliated with Clemson University Coastal Research and Education Center. We are responsible for 100% of our operating costs. You may help with donations or hands-on volunteerism.

A Magical Children's Garden

Our New Booklet

We've published our first booklet: A Magical Children's Garden.

A Magical Children's Garden was a collaboration among the Children's Garden Project, YO ART, Inc, Slow Food Charleston, and Sanders Clyde Elementary School.

Find out much more about our booklet in the Good Books section of our website.

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